Upwind trabe brings fast flights

At last, a competition flight without bad weather, said the glider pilots of the lichtenfels aero club in the 2nd class. League. On the back side of a front, an inter-high influence had prevailed last sunday. The air mass boundary was fortunately north-south directed exactly above the flight area of the lichtenfelser and reached across the thuringian forest far into thuringia and saxony. The pilots of the aero-club lichtenfels had started early and were able to use the airspace at this convergence for several hours for fast flights in the eleventh round 11 of the 2. Gliding league use.
For the first time this season all available gliders of the club were able to score flights. The race for the fastest flights in the league was won by gerd peter lauer on the LS 8 with an average speed of 106.73 km/h over a distance of 491 km.
Junior pilot jan kretzschmar was only slightly slower on the club’s LS 8 (102.36 km/h over 512 km). The third member of the team was junior pilot philipp lauer on the club’s LS 4b (92.61 km/h over 371 km), who only once briefly missed the load-bearing line under the aerofoil on the return flight from gera and therefore had to find a thermal connection again from a low altitude, already above an auben landing field in the nearby saale dam.
At the end of round 11, the team was very satisfied with the 6th place of the day and thus improved by one place. In the overall ranking the team of the aero club lichtenfels is now together with the LSV schneverdingen on rank 11. HAC hamburg is top of the table, ahead of LSV gifhorn and FV celle.
The lichtenfels junior team has moved up to 10th place in the U25 league at the national level, and continues to hold second place in the national rankings. The junior team of the SFZ konigsdorf gliding center is in the lead in the U25 league. Gpl

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