When the mother with the son…

When the mother with the son...

"Scho, as ever – and yet alone" – every year the whole of steinberg looks forward to the appearance of wunderhub's "trulla" at the two "buttenabende" evenings, where she always goes on a man-watching spree – just as unmannerly as unsuccessful. At the visual stimuli and the tasteful outfit of the "eye candy" it certainly could not be that the "madness in small format" usually goes away empty-handed. One reason could be their not quite everyday demands on their "94 – 60 – 42"-dream man: "94 years, 60 million euros in the account and with 42 degrees fever in bed!" Silke mattes has been on the carnival stage with a few interruptions for a good 20 years – sometimes with partners, but mostly alone. Undoubtedly her parade role is the naive and simple-minded "trulla" or "tusnelda", the gehorig about the world of the man. She has been known to throw side blows like "a man is like a jewel, only to be worn with composure" and "marriage is like wine: you realize too late what you've chosen" still among the more harmless.
Silke mattes began her active carnival career in 1998, when she hosted the old wives' carnival in wilhelmsthal. She also often took part in the gypsy carnival. She has a special connection to wilhelmsthal because her mother came from the village.
For many years now it has been an integral part of the "staaberche fousanocht". She has a template for the butter speech of her permanent burner, which she adapts a little to the local conditions. She rehearses the text everywhere: while driving, while doing housework – wherever she happens to be. "Test audience" is her son andre.
"As a butter speaker you are a "lone fighter, says silke mattes, who – she admits – is still very excited before every performance after so long. "In the booths, all the actors reassure each other that "it will all go wrong", betrays the 45-year-old. However, her limelight fever gets the better of her after the first few sentences and the first laughs in the audience.

Andre with a lot of "life experience

Last year, she appeared in another sketch in addition to her starring role. She and andre played the role of "father and daughter" – she the father, he the daughter. The sketch was, in a way, the introduction for others to some more rough performances, after he had already participated in smaller performances of the altar boys group in the previous years.
This year, the 19-year-old is taking the plunge for the first time in a "buttenrede". "It is about the meaning of life. There are a lot of numbers that make a mockery of our modern way of life", he already makes curious. Nothing more is revealed – only that he appears as an old grandfather with a lot of life experience. The idea came to him by a friend who had seen the video on the internet. He was immediately taken with it and "translated" it it, after in the video a swiss held the buttenrede, into french.

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