Fit for the 2021 olympics: between a new beginning and the end of a dream

But only training. Again. Alone, no spectators, no cheering, no medals, only drudgery. Day by day for the rough day.

Fur olympia, the longing goal of almost all athletes. From saturday they wanted to compete for gold, silver or bronze in tokyo. Being there when the best of the best compete. Only training instead.

For some, it is "incredibly hard to be able to develop and call up the great level that they have trained for, especially in endurance sports, again in the following year," emphasizes ulf tippelt, head of the institute for applied training science in leipzig.

Dudenhoffer: oversized cars cause acceptance problems

According to car expert ferdinand dudenhoffer, the increasing number of particularly heavy and coarse cars could lead to acceptance problems for manufacturers.

Especially in the cities, many people felt threatened, and the particularly rough models led to discussions with bicyclists, parents and other burghers. According to an analysis of registration figures, 227 vehicles were registered last year.000 passenger cars with an empty weight above 2000 kilograms were registered, as the head of the private CAR institute reported. Nearly half of them are suvs like the BMW X7, landrover, mercedes GLS or audi Q8.

Dudenhoffer referred to france, where an extra vehicle tax is planned for particularly heavy cars weighing more than 1800 kilograms. Manufacturers in germany and other countries face a similar threat if they do not change their ways. The emeritus professor also recommended that manufacturers refrain from using them in view of the threat of CO2 fines and damage to their image. "When in markets like the USA or china the big ships are booming and bringing in glittering profits, one should not lightly bring these vehicles into the narrow european cities. Premium buyers will find it difficult to buy branded products that are associated with social acceptance problems."

Partner of the festival kissinger sommer

"Upper franconia and lower franconia mingle. Take the opportunity to introduce yourselves to each other", called walter schweinsberg. The spokesman for the management of the upper franconia media group – and thus also of the saale newspaper – had invited guests to the reception after the "master concert" asked. And they came: customers and business partners from the entire circulation area between bayreuth and wildflecken, as well as representatives from politics, business, churches and culture.

"We have just experienced a wonderful concert. I am still very touched", said schweinsberg. He buried especially jiri belolahvek, magdalena mullerperth, alban gerhardt and kari kahl-wolfsjager , to whom he presented gifts.

"One of our company values is a love of our homeland. As a regional media house, we have close ties with franconia. The success of our company depends to a large extent on the understanding of the regions, the people, their cultures, their strengths, their weaknesses, their idiosyncrasies", schweinsberg said: "we are proud to be active in this region and to be able to set impulses."

For one school day, everything revolved around apples

On the last day of school before the autumn vacations, it was all about the crunchy, round vitamin bomb. The students at the marktleugast school experienced just how versatile an apple is in various workshops and during free play in the auditorium.

Apple juice pressed

Apples were freshly squeezed and the juice drunk immediately, it was made into a delicious soup together with kurbissen and shuffled with relish. It could be enjoyed as applesauce in a waffle cup or dipped in chocolate on a spit. In addition, the children learned how this fruit develops from blood to fruit and explored with the song "in my little apple" its structure. They were also allowed to experiment: using the apple battery, they made a light-emitting diode glow.

Apple trail

In addition, the participants had to complete a challenging course with an apple on a spoon. Towers were also allowed to be built with it. A treasure chest of how many apples were in it rounded off the activities.

demolition of reitsch creates space for fire department

The demolition of the house "dorfstrabe 19" took place these days in reitsch instead. The municipality of stockheim had acquired the former privately owned and for some time unoccupied rental building, which was also to be demolished by the former owner, in the summer of 2018. At the same time, a free area could be created directly next to the existing fire station, in order to be able to create a vehicle hall and parking spaces for the reitsch fire department.

Demolition is demanded by the "forderoffensive nordostbayern oberfranken. The land acquisition cost 31700 euros and the demolition costs amount to about 63 000 euros. For the demolition costs the grant is 90 percent on the full amount and for the land acquisition there is a grant of 90 percent on 23,000 euros.

Vacant since 2014

The last owner of the building, hans cornelius volk, informed on inquiry that the building was acquired by inheritance from his mother, who was employed here in 1928 in a bakery located in the house. After the second world war refugees were accommodated in the house. In the year 1956 a dwelling change took place. Until 2014, the house was still inhabited and had been vacant since 2014.

Wildflecken's brigitte lochner served as head of four town halls at once

"It is not a matter of course, nor is it often the case, that employees have worked for one and the same employer for such a long time. Brigitte lochner thus helped to write a piece of town hall history", the mayor kleinhenz emphasized the special achievement of her. Four burgermeisters (helmut patzke, walter gutmann, alfred schrenk and, most recently, gerd kleinhenz) could rely on a dutiful employee.

On 1. In august 1966, brigitte lochner began her training as an administrative employee with the then neuwildflecken municipality, and on 31. July 1969 successfully completed. She was taken on by the municipality as an employee.

"During her 48 years of service at the town hall, brigitte has worked in all the departments of the town hall and has acquired a wealth of experience", emphasized the mayor. For a long time she was in the "gemeindebucherei" busy. She then worked in the residents' registration office, the chamber office and the secretary's office.

France's environment minister announces resignation

French environment minister nicolas hulot (63) has announced his resignation and put head of state emmanuel macron under massive pressure. Lobbies are present in the circles of power, hulot criticized blatantly on the radio station france inter, where he announced his withdrawal live.

"I make the decision to leave the government."France is taking small steps in the environmental field that are not sufficient. Hulot, who comes from the environmental movement, took office 15 months ago with the center-right government of prime minister edouard philippe and is considered popular among the population, according to surveys. "This is a personal decision he made this morning," macron reacted coolly during a state visit to copenhagen. Hulot is a free man: "I respect his freedom."He wants to continue to rely on hulot’s commitment in the future.

As a symbolic victory, hulot was able to chalk up the fact that the government completely abandoned the planned major airport near nantes in western france. Philippe announced he would make proposals to macron in the coming days for the composition of the government. Culture minister francoise nyssen (67), who came under pressure following revelations about unauthorized renovations to the publishing house she used to run, is also considered to be in trouble.

Project manager klaus metzler looks back on a successful "kronach leuchtet" back. The project, which has now outgrown its infancy, is particularly well received at universities, he said.
This year kronach leuchtet is carried out for the eighth time and is to be continued sustainably. Metzler informed that universities in turin and wismar are sending students to kronach and want to integrate the project into their curriculum in the form of a workshop. Metzler also asked to be able to use the help of the building yard again this year and also for a financial subsidy of 5,000 euros.

Advertising effect
"Kronach is now a household name in lighting planning circles. People know that something special is being done in kronach", emphasized rainer kober, chairman of kronach creativ. He was sure that the importance of the event would continue to grow and emphasized the promotional effect for the city. Kronach represents a lighthouse in upper franconia. "Why shouldn't there be a light academy on the fortress at some point??", he was already looking to the future.

"I am extremely grateful", mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () emphasized the commitment of kober and his employees. Michael zwingmann () assumes that the invested money will return to kronach and therefore spoke out for further support. "Excellent, yes, every time different – but my rough concern would be, if every time something would remain. Maybe there are ways that you can always take something on a permanent basis to enjoy the whole year", emphasized heinz hausmann (CSU). With this he spoke from the soul of klaus metzler, who was thinking along similar lines.