Mara is looking forward to her first day at school

Mara proudly fetches her blue book bag from her room. Puts it on the floor, opens the lid and takes out one colored booklet after the other. Last is the portfolio – matching the book bag in the same bright blue with horses on it. "Mara has already picked out the book bag in the catalog. In the store, another one with einhorner was shortlisted", tells her mama steffi ruger. But in the end it became the favorite with the horses.

Six-year-old mara knows exactly what she wants. And she already knows days before her first day at school what she will like best in class. "Calculating, break and sport", she says as if shot from a pistol. Mara has already become a little familiar with the new surroundings. With the kindergarten we already went for a few hours to the lucas cranach elementary school. "There are stretching bars in the playground, that's what i liked best," she says with a grin in her face, the abc-protector is happy. She was also able to get a taste of teaching on this day. Everything is still quite unfamiliar for the six-year-old.

No fear of going to school

Nevertheless she is already looking forward to it. Mara is also not at all afraid of the way to school, which she will be going to fub. "It's just like my way to gymnastics, I only have to turn off once before", she says with a grin on her face. Nevertheless, her parents have walked the route with her many times beforehand. In the last few weeks, a list has been hanging on the entrance door of the elementary school showing which class the new students will be in – and, more importantly, which teacher they will be getting. "I'm coming to 1b. And my teacher is also new to the school. So that fits", says mara.

court does not believe the defendant's

The presiding judge of the criminal division of the schweinfurt district court first instructed the man, who had lived in prison for a long time and was a fugitive, in detail about his duty to tell the truth. At the same time, he dampened the expectations of those present regarding the witness's truthfulness, because he had considerable doubts about his statements to the police.
In 2012, he went to frankfurt "to party", reported the young man. In front of a casino, three moroccans had approached him and persuaded him to go to a pub in the red-light district to take part in an illegal game of chance. According to him, he lost quickly and built up a betting debt of 10,000 euros. When he could not pay, the arabic-origin manner had built up in front of him and said: "we are here in frankfurt. Things can be done differently. Frankfurt rules!"
In order to pay off his debts, the witness wants to buy other E. Have offered as a hashish grower. The moroccans are said to have given him several buckets of manure and 8,500 euros in seed money, most of which he claims to have spent on the overgrown shrine garden (7,000 euros) and the screen (300 euros). "You had no know-how, no land and were not a number in frankfurt", the presiding judge held up the witness to the "robbery pistol in front of. In the milieu it works differently, he could not credibly claim that these people had invested in him as an unknown. "This is not an amateur acting group", judge ohlenschlager clarified.

More and more contradictions
Little by little, more and more contradictions appeared in the story of the witness. He claims to have earned the money for the cannabis seeds, about 1800 euros, through winnings from gambling, as well as the costs for his livelihood. "Who or what was the source for this money?", the court asked the crucial question several times. She remained unanswered.
Obviously, what the witness told about the defendant's involvement was also a marvellous lesson. As a "rasta (note. The red.Rastafari are members of a jamaican denomination, some of whom wear dreadlocks and untrimmed beards), who is a horticulturist and feels connected to nature, he wants to join the accused s. Have presented. S., who is his cousin, is said to have rejected his ambitious cultivation plans and only visited him to sunbathe, chill and let the dogs run in nature on the idyllic garden plot. A wonderful picture that the witness painted to cast doubt on the accusation of complicity in the crime, according to the court's assessment. The defendant G. (22) had entered the property only sporadically "at most five or six times in the whole time".
The court was able to clarify at least a little the background of how the three men had built up their business. In response to a statement by the witness andre E. In regional newspapers, the 69-year-old owner of a forest land had contacted him. At the beginning of march, a deal was quickly struck, after a down payment of 1000 euros, the man addicted to gambling and drugs received the keys to the garden door.
The lady, a commercial employee, was happy to see her "little paradise of intergrown pines, firs, jasmine and ornamental shrubs" to have found a nature-loving buyer who is his cousin. She even visited him several times in the shrine garden until the end of may, shortly before the land was notarially transferred to the 25 year old, without her noticing the cannabis plants and their inherent odor. "I'll put all the palm trees there", had given her other E. At the viewing appointment he told about his plan with the stone steps of the stairs of the schrebergarten. Even the defendant's defense counsel had to smile. The fact that the other man, probably the accused S., the lady also remembered that she had stayed in the background during the on-site meeting.
Earlier, several experts had presented their reports on fingerprints and THC content of the seized drugs with a net weight of 45.7 kilograms. The trial will be continued today, tuesday. Start is at 8.30 o'clock

Gramb builds a logistics center in kleintettau

The company’s origins lie in the district of kronach, where it all began in 1989 in a small hall in alexanderhutte. The manufacturer of plastic closures grew rapidly, and in 2004 the decision was made to relocate the company’s headquarters to spechtsbrunn. Because it quickly became too small, the gramb couple rented three warehouses in sonneberg, stockheim and spechtsbrunn over the years. But this is now causing logistical problems that are to be solved, among other things, with the construction of a logistics center in kleintettau.

Investments are also being made in steinwiesen

Gramb also plans to set up a new production facility in the existing tekutec building. These investments with a volume of eleven million euros are expected to create around 20 new jobs. "The investments are necessary", emphasizes kerstin gramb, who runs the company together with her husband peter gramb. "We have reached the limits of our capacities." The gramb company produces plastic closures at its site in spechtsbrunn, thuringia – mainly for the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

The bike path concept for the southern part of french switzerland, initiated by the government of upper franconia, is currently being implemented step by step by the state building authorities of bamberg and bayreuth. According to a press release from the bamberger bauamt, an important component is the cycle path link along state road 2191 from waischenfeld via doos to behringersmuhle in the counties of bayreuth and forchheim.

The bike path is also included in the bavarian state bike path program 2015 to 2019. "We will complete the waischenfeld – doos section in 2019 with the rabeneck – doos section of the cycle path, which is currently under construction, kurt schnabel, head of the bayreuth state construction office, says "a continuation of bicycle traffic is given in the area of doos with the connection to the local road dooser berg in the direction of muggendorf."

For a smooth connection

However, for a continuous bike path connection in the wiesent valley, the bike path gap along state road 2191 between doos and behringersmuhle must be closed. "And this is not at all easy and requires a lot of brainpower", says katrin roth, new head of the tram construction department at the bamberg state building office. But what exactly is it about and why does nothing seem to be happening on the doos – behringersmuhle section?? The meadow valley between doos and behringersmuhle has it all, according to the building authority: beautiful with challenging topography and extremely important from a nature conservation point of view. The location of the european FFH protected area "wiesent valley with side valleys, the bird sanctuary "rock and slope forests in french switzerland and the location in the "frankische schweiz – veldensteiner forst" nature reserve do not make it easy for bamberger straben farmers to find suitable and contractual routes.

Germans richer than ever - still many bankruptcies

At the same time, the wave of bankruptcies is not letting up: despite the good economic situation, more citizens will have to file for private insolvency again this year. This is what the federal association of german debt collectors (BDIU) in berlin reckons.

According to the bundesbank, private financial assets grew by a far above-average 149 billion euros to a record 4.715 billion euros. That is far more than double the german national debt of around 2 billion euros. The stable labor market ensured a high level of disposable income in 2011, the forecasters said, explaining the trend. Cash, securities, bank deposits, savings bonds or claims against insurance companies are paid as monetary assets. Foreign assets and tangible assets such as real estate are not included in the statistics.

At the same time, however, many germans are overindebted. According to the debt collection association, one in ten adults is unable to pay living costs and debt repayments from his or her income on a permanent basis. Association expects around 105,000 private bankruptcies this year. The previous high had been reached in 2010 with 108 798 falls, in 2011 it was 103 289. Private insolvency allows over-indebted consumers to get rid of the remaining debt within six years.

Petkovic's slow way back - 'needs time'

Patience – until the end of last year, this virtue was not one of andrea petkovic’s preferred characteristics. But after almost eight months of injury, interrupted only by a brief comeback in stuttgart in april, germany’s once best female tennis player has learned to stay calm. The eighth-final loss to dominika cibulkova of slovakia at the WTA tournament in new haven didn’t throw the darmstadter out of her stride.

"I just have to stay positive. It will take some time until I play my best tennis again," petkovic said after the 4:6, 1:6 on wednesday. "My only goal is to stay healthy first, find my rhythm and get the inconsistency out of my game," the 24-year-old said.

Petkovic got off to a bad start against sixth seed cibulkova, losing her serve twice. After that, the hessian fought her way back to finally concede the first set and, after 1:10 hours, the entire match. "I played three or four good balls, but then I made mistakes that I wouldn’t normally make in a hundred years," said petkovic.

A parish house to the st. St. Michael's Church

The evangelical lutheran church wants to make community life more attractive. Therefore, a community center at the st. St. Michael's church to be built. The architectural details still need to be worked out. But the planning is at least so far advanced that pastor robert augustin was able to present the ground plans to the city councils in a preliminary building application.

"Since 2009 the parish has been working on the project. We have examined all possible variants", said the pastor. The flat area of the parish hall in berliner strabe is too narrow for an annexe. Besides, the parish hall would be too far away from the church. This argument also excludes a new building at the catholic parish center. Because the parish house should be a meeting place after the service. An addition to the evangelical kindergarten on the st. St. Michael's church, however, was again too circumstantial, as augustin explained.

This leaves only the western flank of the church as the remaining site. The parish hall will be attached to it. The current side entrance will become a direct link between the church and the new building. It will be visually separated from the church building, for example, by a light band.

The lichtenfelser alm pisses you off

The observations made at the burgers’ meeting in the city palace do not allow much more to be concluded. About 40 citizens came to take a seat and listen to the report of the mayor andreas hugerich about the recent past. In addition, the city’s department heads, the very employees who were able to give profound answers to profound citizen questions, were sitting at a row of windows. However, the general tenor of hugerich’s words remained that we create together, think together, move together. However: it might be repetitive, but it did not sound unbelievable, what the mayor said about the work of the city council at this 25. Castle assembly within 42 months. But with all that said, it must also have been noticeable that a large part of that very same city council had not arrived. In times of adventitious commitments, that must mean little.
On the other hand, items on the agenda such as the budget for property and administration were important. The former was 15 million euros in 2017, the latter around 40 million euros. Lichtenfels is not in debt, there is room for investment. And even though there is a lot of talk about concept laser, which plans to hire up to 700 new employees and is therefore expanding by twelve hectares on the A 73, hugerich’s report also contained an expansion of the industrial area in the schney by 40 hectares. "Staying the course", does the city want to invest in this direction?. This also includes the 48 building sites that have been developed in reundorf. In this context, the city was even under pressure, as 40 reservations for the building sites had been made. Hugerich also gave the prospect of more building sites, to be thought of in roth or isling.
But there are also plans to spice up the district town within the city limits. The daycare center in reitschgasse is already underway, where hugerich emphasized the barrier-free path between the parking garage and saumarkt. In essence, however, the city is creating space for a children’s group with twelve children, a kindergarten for 25 children and a nursery for 30 children with about two million euros in construction costs. Intentions, deeds and figures that could very well be related to the boom, according to which an influx of professionals also generates an offer to their families. Hugerich also praised lichtenfels’ retail trade, which now offers 80 stations where the lif-card can be redeemed. "It’s money that stays here in the communities", according to hugerich, alluding to the weakening business of international trade.
A heated atmosphere like at the legendary "jetzt red i" (now I’m talking) did not arise. Six people were asked to speak from the audience that evening. The request of a burgher from kosten, who explained that the town has been living with an unbearable stench for years, was particularly weighty. Guests went from the terrace of an economy with the food even into the economy, so as not to have to endure this, so a drastic picture of the man. At this point thomas kraus from civil engineering was called upon to respond. The problem is known to the city, lies in the lazy processes of the pump lines. For two years, the problem has been addressed. But apart from trying to rewind the pipeline, there was no prospect of an alternative treatment method.
District builder marion warmuth, on the other hand, voiced her concern that a "urbanization of the villages" could result from all the building land being designated with a consequent impairment of agricultural operations.
There was also clear criticism, albeit from georg brahmann of stetten, of the lichtenfelser stadtalm, the wooden advent hut that currently stands in front of the town hall. The facility itself is good, but the name alm is linguistically munted to a meadow, so the core of the criticism. Hugerich could hardly cope with that and so he referred to the marketing suitability of the word. The 25. The meeting of the burghers ended as it began: calmly and without great pain for anyone.

Markus soder criticizes the

He did not even stop in front of his own party friends. Some 1,500 visitors had gathered expectantly in the leuchsentaler blasmusik tent on monday to hear him – and they were not disappointed.
Soder got the first laughs when he commented on the funeral of county councilor christian meibner: "the words of praise were appropriate." But that's not all. "Your landrat has a weak character, his unspeakable passion for the FC bayern munchen", stated the FCN fan. He then quickly improved: "it's probably just a dip in character." He has now been a successful district administrator for 20 years, soder praised, and the three-year-old couldn't help remarking: "with you, it shows."
He was not exactly modest when he described the situation in europe from his point of view. "We have never had it so good as today. Europe is stable because it has germany, germany is stable because it has bavaria, and bavaria is stable because it has franconia." The speaker of the CSU did not put his own person under a bushel either: "we have the best minister-president, the best state government and the best (pause) finance minister." This is what the CSU congregation wanted to hear, first bravos filled the marquee.

A night with baumgartner

He is often asked why he appears on political talk shows, for example on maischberger. Soder made no secret of the fact that "there must also be people who say something sensible"." The "black voters" liked it too from roth in her new t-shirts. He described his party colleague jurgen baumgartner as a person who is shy on the inside, but who can assert himself in munich. "I spent a whole night with him", but not what they think" to the deluded listeners, he added. It was all about the asylum seeker issue. He distinguished between friends and party friends, often the two are not identical. But there are also members of parliament who say in their constituency: "I want to show them in munich." The closer they got to the state capital, the quieter they became, and in the plenary hall, they were silent. On their return to the constituency, they then loudly declared: "but I showed them how it's done." In munich it is quite easy for a politician to be arrested. In berlin, however, many said what the journalists liked.
Chancellor candidate martin schulze also got caught in the franken's verbal crosshairs. Its plans to change the euro financial system are unrealistic. The state must not pick the pockets of the burghers. If there is enough money in the coffers, it is the state that must decide on tax cuts, not bodies outside the state. When soder claimed: "they pay taxes like never before and gladly", many were amused, others looked down. On the subject of state fiscal equalization, against which the geberland states of bavaria and hesse are suing, soder remarked: "we pay six billion euros a year and no recipient state has said thank you yet." In the matter of tax relief, where the CSU wants to abolish the soli for all, the finance minister recalled the sect tax. They have emperor wilhelm II. Introduced to finance the imperial war fleet. "The fleet and the empire have perished, but the sect tax has remained."
Bavaria plays an outstanding role in taking in refugees, because no one has ever swum across the north sea. Berlin has failed, criticized soder. "It is known that they cannot build an airport in berlin, but it is unknown that they are failing in humanitarian terms", he said and raised the mabkrug at 8 pm on the dot to a "cheers". Refugees should learn german in the first line. "If they can verbally speak bavarian, they are good and especially intelligent if they understand french", the minister of home affairs was convinced.
Anton hofreiter, chairman of the green parliamentary group in the federal parliament, along with katrin goring-eckardt, wanted soder to be ambassador to washington. His assessment: "he is the only one who can get along with trump." The listeners from the SPD in the tent were actually quite nice people, soder confessed. With the free voters he wanted to have determined that they send many mails to berlin, which however nobody opens. At the end he gave a "good" one advice on the election on 24. September. If someone asks before: "do you vote CSU??" That was all right. To those who will not vote CSU, one must say: "the election will take place next week"."
Statements were made by CSU parliamentary candidate emmi zeulner and district council candidate christian meibner. All three lichtenfels mayors took part in the election event, which was framed by the leuchsentaler brass band.

Trump tweets about bidens election victory

A massive corona wave is building in the U.S., meanwhile, still-incumbent president donald trump is diving deeper into conspiracy theories about his election defeat.

Over the weekend, trump tweeted, among other things, about rumors that software used in vote counting was susceptible to hacker attacks and that votes cast for him had been slammed by challenger joe biden. Authorities reject this. Election winner biden continues to prepare for taking office. This includes above all the fight against the pandemic. The date for the change of power is 20. January.

On sunday it looked at times as if trump had involuntarily conceded defeat by a slip of the tongue. "He won because the election was rigged," he wrote on twitter in response to a TV host’s tweet. A little later, he made it clear that not too much should be read into this sentence. "He won only in the eyes of the fake-news media. I admit nothing!" Trump wrote. "We will win!"