Corona crisis: karliczek strains against opening up bafog

Ahead of this wednesday’s coalition committee meeting, federal education minister anja karliczek (CDU) stands by her rejection of opening the bafog because of the corona crisis.

This is about students who actually have no bafog claim, but lose their part-time job and get financially in need. "What we don’t need at the moment is to go into a lengthy legislative process," karliczek told deutschlandfunk radio on wednesday. Currently "in good discussions" for fast transfer possibilities. "I think that this week will be something now."Karliczek had repeatedly announced that she wanted to provide interest-free loans for students instead of opening up the bafog.

However, the SPD and the opposition – above the afd – are insisting on an opening. Loosening is also required for the maximum duration of demands. It is high time that the federal government supports students "with an unbureaucratic immediate aid from a study fund", demanded the vice-chairman of the union for education and science, andreas keller, on wednesday. "The funds should remain as a grant that does not have to be repaid."

Trump tweets about bidens election victory

A massive corona wave is building in the U.S., meanwhile, still-incumbent president donald trump is diving deeper into conspiracy theories about his election defeat.

Over the weekend, trump tweeted, among other things, about rumors that software used in vote counting was susceptible to hacker attacks and that votes cast for him had been slammed by challenger joe biden. Authorities reject this. Election winner biden continues to prepare for taking office. This includes above all the fight against the pandemic. The date for the change of power is 20. January.

On sunday it looked at times as if trump had involuntarily conceded defeat by a slip of the tongue. "He won because the election was rigged," he wrote on twitter in response to a TV host’s tweet. A little later, he made it clear that not too much should be read into this sentence. "He won only in the eyes of the fake-news media. I admit nothing!" Trump wrote. "We will win!"

Online platform for masks launched

In times of compulsory masks, the need for simple protective masks is great: the fashion association germanfashion has set up a platform on which manufacturers of masks can register.

"Many of our member companies have switched their production to the manufacture of mouth-nose masks, especially so-called community masks, in times of corona," said the association’s managing director, thomas lange, according to a release on friday.

The new online platform will enable distributors, commercial suppliers and end customers to contact manufacturers. These deposit their contact data as well as the type and number of masks they offer.

When a madonna gets stranded in berlin

In mid march, museums and exhibition halls in germany suddenly closed down. Paintings, sculptures and other exhibits were suddenly standing in deserted rooms – and that for weeks or even months. Because in many places, dismantling was out of the question.

The corona crisis, with its worldwide travel restrictions, made it difficult or even impossible to transport art on time. "Loans often remained longer than expected, which caused problems for many museums," says eckart kohne, president of the german museum association in berlin.

One of the stranded artworks was the famous "madonna with carnations" by raffael. On the occasion of the 500. On the occasion of the painter’s birthday, the devotional painting for a madonna meeting in the gemaldegalerie in berlin was from 12. May to 14. June had already been delivered from london before the corona crisis, under the highest security precautions. Afterwards, the work of art could not be returned to the national gallery in london as planned because of corona, said a spokesman for the state museums of berlin. Instead, the loan period was extended by mutual agreement. In many other museums it was similar.

bottlenecks at corona tests in germany

The immense increase in the number of corona tests in germany is leading to capacity problems.

In the week of 10. Until 16. August, the participating laboratories had a backlog of 17.142 samples to be processed, according to the current "epidemiological bulletin" of the robert koch institute (RKI). 41 laboratories had named supply problems for reagents.

The problems could lead to delays in clearing possible sars cov-2 infections – and thus in initiating protective measures by health authorities. "It therefore seems appropriate to prioritize the use of the tests with regard to the desired gain in knowledge, depending on free test capacities," the RKI said.

Hoffenheim win group with zero in belgrade

The final whistle seemed to be a blank. In a european league match that neither team wanted to lose, fubball bundesliga team TSG hoffenheim won the group and can already look forward to its international continuation in 2021.

For the team of coach sebastian hoeneb, a 0-0 draw at red star belgrade was enough to secure first place ahead of the serbians after four wins at the start of the season. Belgrade is also qualified for the intermediate round, which starts in february of the next year, because of the draw in front of corona’s empty stands.

"This is something historic. We’re all glad we made it," said goalkeeper oliver baumann. Hoffenheim will win over in europe for the first time. Midfielder sebastian rudy had not observed any non-attacking pact in the stadium rajko mitic: "we wanted to win and tried to do so."