Unpopular 1- and 2-cent coins remain with us

Despite cashless payment options, the euro countries want to continue to put euro coins into circulation on a large scale in 2019. The 19 states of the common economic space want to produce money in a total volume of 2.1 billion euros (previous year: 2.2 billion).

Of these, around 488 million euros are collector’s coins, as the approval of the european central bank (ECB) shows. Germany again wants to produce the most money. The volume in europe’s large economy amounts to 632 million euros, of which 231 million euros are for collectors.

The ECB sets an annual upper limit for the total volume of coins based on the needs reported by the euro countries. Within this framework, the countries will then be able to issue the coins.

court does not believe the defendant's

The presiding judge of the criminal division of the schweinfurt district court first instructed the man, who had lived in prison for a long time and was a fugitive, in detail about his duty to tell the truth. At the same time, he dampened the expectations of those present regarding the witness's truthfulness, because he had considerable doubts about his statements to the police.
In 2012, he went to frankfurt "to party", reported the young man. In front of a casino, three moroccans had approached him and persuaded him to go to a pub in the red-light district to take part in an illegal game of chance. According to him, he lost quickly and built up a betting debt of 10,000 euros. When he could not pay, the arabic-origin manner had built up in front of him and said: "we are here in frankfurt. Things can be done differently. Frankfurt rules!"
In order to pay off his debts, the witness wants to buy other E. Have offered as a hashish grower. The moroccans are said to have given him several buckets of manure and 8,500 euros in seed money, most of which he claims to have spent on the overgrown shrine garden (7,000 euros) and the screen (300 euros). "You had no know-how, no land and were not a number in frankfurt", the presiding judge held up the witness to the "robbery pistol in front of. In the milieu it works differently, he could not credibly claim that these people had invested in him as an unknown. "This is not an amateur acting group", judge ohlenschlager clarified.

More and more contradictions
Little by little, more and more contradictions appeared in the story of the witness. He claims to have earned the money for the cannabis seeds, about 1800 euros, through winnings from gambling, as well as the costs for his livelihood. "Who or what was the source for this money?", the court asked the crucial question several times. She remained unanswered.
Obviously, what the witness told about the defendant's involvement was also a marvellous lesson. As a "rasta (note. The red.Rastafari are members of a jamaican denomination, some of whom wear dreadlocks and untrimmed beards), who is a horticulturist and feels connected to nature, he wants to join the accused s. Have presented. S., who is his cousin, is said to have rejected his ambitious cultivation plans and only visited him to sunbathe, chill and let the dogs run in nature on the idyllic garden plot. A wonderful picture that the witness painted to cast doubt on the accusation of complicity in the crime, according to the court's assessment. The defendant G. (22) had entered the property only sporadically "at most five or six times in the whole time".
The court was able to clarify at least a little the background of how the three men had built up their business. In response to a statement by the witness andre E. In regional newspapers, the 69-year-old owner of a forest land had contacted him. At the beginning of march, a deal was quickly struck, after a down payment of 1000 euros, the man addicted to gambling and drugs received the keys to the garden door.
The lady, a commercial employee, was happy to see her "little paradise of intergrown pines, firs, jasmine and ornamental shrubs" to have found a nature-loving buyer who is his cousin. She even visited him several times in the shrine garden until the end of may, shortly before the land was notarially transferred to the 25 year old, without her noticing the cannabis plants and their inherent odor. "I'll put all the palm trees there", had given her other E. At the viewing appointment he told about his plan with the stone steps of the stairs of the schrebergarten. Even the defendant's defense counsel had to smile. The fact that the other man, probably the accused S., the lady also remembered that she had stayed in the background during the on-site meeting.
Earlier, several experts had presented their reports on fingerprints and THC content of the seized drugs with a net weight of 45.7 kilograms. The trial will be continued today, tuesday. Start is at 8.30 o'clock

The lichtenfelser alm pisses you off

The observations made at the burgers’ meeting in the city palace do not allow much more to be concluded. About 40 citizens came to take a seat and listen to the report of the mayor andreas hugerich about the recent past. In addition, the city’s department heads, the very employees who were able to give profound answers to profound citizen questions, were sitting at a row of windows. However, the general tenor of hugerich’s words remained that we create together, think together, move together. However: it might be repetitive, but it did not sound unbelievable, what the mayor said about the work of the city council at this 25. Castle assembly within 42 months. But with all that said, it must also have been noticeable that a large part of that very same city council had not arrived. In times of adventitious commitments, that must mean little.
On the other hand, items on the agenda such as the budget for property and administration were important. The former was 15 million euros in 2017, the latter around 40 million euros. Lichtenfels is not in debt, there is room for investment. And even though there is a lot of talk about concept laser, which plans to hire up to 700 new employees and is therefore expanding by twelve hectares on the A 73, hugerich’s report also contained an expansion of the industrial area in the schney by 40 hectares. "Staying the course", does the city want to invest in this direction?. This also includes the 48 building sites that have been developed in reundorf. In this context, the city was even under pressure, as 40 reservations for the building sites had been made. Hugerich also gave the prospect of more building sites, to be thought of in roth or isling.
But there are also plans to spice up the district town within the city limits. The daycare center in reitschgasse is already underway, where hugerich emphasized the barrier-free path between the parking garage and saumarkt. In essence, however, the city is creating space for a children’s group with twelve children, a kindergarten for 25 children and a nursery for 30 children with about two million euros in construction costs. Intentions, deeds and figures that could very well be related to the boom, according to which an influx of professionals also generates an offer to their families. Hugerich also praised lichtenfels’ retail trade, which now offers 80 stations where the lif-card can be redeemed. "It’s money that stays here in the communities", according to hugerich, alluding to the weakening business of international trade.
A heated atmosphere like at the legendary "jetzt red i" (now I’m talking) did not arise. Six people were asked to speak from the audience that evening. The request of a burgher from kosten, who explained that the town has been living with an unbearable stench for years, was particularly weighty. Guests went from the terrace of an economy with the food even into the economy, so as not to have to endure this, so a drastic picture of the man. At this point thomas kraus from civil engineering was called upon to respond. The problem is known to the city, lies in the lazy processes of the pump lines. For two years, the problem has been addressed. But apart from trying to rewind the pipeline, there was no prospect of an alternative treatment method.
District builder marion warmuth, on the other hand, voiced her concern that a "urbanization of the villages" could result from all the building land being designated with a consequent impairment of agricultural operations.
There was also clear criticism, albeit from georg brahmann of stetten, of the lichtenfelser stadtalm, the wooden advent hut that currently stands in front of the town hall. The facility itself is good, but the name alm is linguistically munted to a meadow, so the core of the criticism. Hugerich could hardly cope with that and so he referred to the marketing suitability of the word. The 25. The meeting of the burghers ended as it began: calmly and without great pain for anyone.

Markus soder criticizes the

He did not even stop in front of his own party friends. Some 1,500 visitors had gathered expectantly in the leuchsentaler blasmusik tent on monday to hear him – and they were not disappointed.
Soder got the first laughs when he commented on the funeral of county councilor christian meibner: "the words of praise were appropriate." But that's not all. "Your landrat has a weak character, his unspeakable passion for the FC bayern munchen", stated the FCN fan. He then quickly improved: "it's probably just a dip in character." He has now been a successful district administrator for 20 years, soder praised, and the three-year-old couldn't help remarking: "with you, it shows."
He was not exactly modest when he described the situation in europe from his point of view. "We have never had it so good as today. Europe is stable because it has germany, germany is stable because it has bavaria, and bavaria is stable because it has franconia." The speaker of the CSU did not put his own person under a bushel either: "we have the best minister-president, the best state government and the best (pause) finance minister." This is what the CSU congregation wanted to hear, first bravos filled the marquee.

A night with baumgartner

He is often asked why he appears on political talk shows, for example on maischberger. Soder made no secret of the fact that "there must also be people who say something sensible"." The "black voters" liked it too from roth in her new t-shirts. He described his party colleague jurgen baumgartner as a person who is shy on the inside, but who can assert himself in munich. "I spent a whole night with him", but not what they think" to the deluded listeners, he added. It was all about the asylum seeker issue. He distinguished between friends and party friends, often the two are not identical. But there are also members of parliament who say in their constituency: "I want to show them in munich." The closer they got to the state capital, the quieter they became, and in the plenary hall, they were silent. On their return to the constituency, they then loudly declared: "but I showed them how it's done." In munich it is quite easy for a politician to be arrested. In berlin, however, many said what the journalists liked.
Chancellor candidate martin schulze also got caught in the franken's verbal crosshairs. Its plans to change the euro financial system are unrealistic. The state must not pick the pockets of the burghers. If there is enough money in the coffers, it is the state that must decide on tax cuts, not bodies outside the state. When soder claimed: "they pay taxes like never before and gladly", many were amused, others looked down. On the subject of state fiscal equalization, against which the geberland states of bavaria and hesse are suing, soder remarked: "we pay six billion euros a year and no recipient state has said thank you yet." In the matter of tax relief, where the CSU wants to abolish the soli for all, the finance minister recalled the sect tax. They have emperor wilhelm II. Introduced to finance the imperial war fleet. "The fleet and the empire have perished, but the sect tax has remained."
Bavaria plays an outstanding role in taking in refugees, because no one has ever swum across the north sea. Berlin has failed, criticized soder. "It is known that they cannot build an airport in berlin, but it is unknown that they are failing in humanitarian terms", he said and raised the mabkrug at 8 pm on the dot to a "cheers". Refugees should learn german in the first line. "If they can verbally speak bavarian, they are good and especially intelligent if they understand french", the minister of home affairs was convinced.
Anton hofreiter, chairman of the green parliamentary group in the federal parliament, along with katrin goring-eckardt, wanted soder to be ambassador to washington. His assessment: "he is the only one who can get along with trump." The listeners from the SPD in the tent were actually quite nice people, soder confessed. With the free voters he wanted to have determined that they send many mails to berlin, which however nobody opens. At the end he gave a "good" one advice on the election on 24. September. If someone asks before: "do you vote CSU??" That was all right. To those who will not vote CSU, one must say: "the election will take place next week"."
Statements were made by CSU parliamentary candidate emmi zeulner and district council candidate christian meibner. All three lichtenfels mayors took part in the election event, which was framed by the leuchsentaler brass band.

Two offers to buy parts of the insolvent airline germania

There are two bids for a rough part of the route network as well as the maintenance and service area, the preliminary insolvency administrator rudiger wienberg announced on tuesday.

At the beginning of february, the berlin-based airline with almost 1700 employees filed for insolvency. Germania flew to many destinations in the mediterranean region. According to its own figures, the airline carried more than four million passengers a year.

A third interested party also wants to submit an offer shortly, said a spokesman for wienberg when asked. There are concrete purchase negotiations with all of them. More information is not known. It was only mentioned that individual details of a possible takeover were being discussed.

responses to species extinction

Recently, the CSU had a meeting with matthias wucherer from the association "bluhende landschaft" a bee expert was invited to explain to the christian socialists how to save bees. And the listeners who come to the "herzo-bar the participants were astonished when he pointed out that there are many global environmental problems, but that biodiversity is currently the most pressing one. Even climate change is not happening as fast as the extinction of species. Biodiversity and its rapid decline is therefore a problem to which answers must also be found in herzogenaurach.

The reasons for insect mortality are pesticides, homogenization of the landscape and lack of food, which reinforce each other. "We should", said wucherer "not to preserve our cultural landscape in the sense of turning it back, but to change it in such a way that it calls for biodiversity." Seed adapted to the region must be used "bee highways between the intensively used flat areas, regio woods and woods valuable for insects (for example cornelian cherry instead of forsythia) are planted. Especially the grassy areas along the roads and many a park could be made more insect-friendly with the right plants.

In general, said wucherer, the term "strabenbegleitgrun" ("trencher’s bed") stores him. No insect will find anything to eat on a ground that has been ground at worst. And many an insect hotel is empty because the sleeping quarters are set up but no breakfast is offered. It would be better to work on a "strabenbegleitbunt" (a colorful combination of straw) to put on. If you plant (for example, geraniums instead of flowers), it may also be less maintenance-intensive.

railroad line in bamberg-east heats up the tempers

At the beginning of an information meeting organized by the memmelsdorf CSU at the lichteneiche sports center, gubitz presented a planning concept for what will also be known as the "bamberg eastern bypass" the two-track rail line that has been designated as such. From strullendorf, the route will first run parallel to the existing tracks, then cross under the B 505 and turn right into the main moorland forest. After that, the route is to rise and cross both the staatsstrabe and the strabenknoten at the bamberg-sud slip road. After that, the route is to remain on the left of the freeway and cross under the roads in the direction of podeldorf and memmelsdorf. Also in the extension of the runway of the bamberger airfield one wants to remain still in an open tunnel, in order not to endanger the flight operation. But then it’s supposed to be a steep climb to cross the A 70 freeway to the left of the A 73 at the bamberg interchange. After that, this planning section ends, the tracks of the "eastern bypass" are to be built as far as breitengubbach reunited" with the existing tracks become.

The numerous participants at the CSU information evening – which was also attended by bundestag candidate emmi zeulner from lichtenfels – had no understanding above all for the freeway overpass. Gubitz justified this with strong groundwater flows from the scheblitz area, which made an underpass difficult. "A tunnel about 800 meters long would be necessary, with an uplift-protected flood basin, very complicated to build", said gubitz. "That’s the way to do it dietmar beck of the lichteneiche citizens’ initiative spontaneously countered. The tenor of the meeting was that only then could the realization of the eastern bypass be considered at all. The residents franz herold and karl diefenbach hit the same notch.

Gubitz’ tried in vain to gain understanding for his position with complex presentations of the arm emissions. Among other things, modern good wagons and armored walls were used. "Your calculations do not take air traffic noise into account", rainer braun of the burgerinitiative "did not want any more larm towards lichteneiche. "The larm limits are already being exceeded", bettina braun rescinded. "If the railroad were to be added on top of that, it would exceed all limits". Several hundred signatures have already been collected against such a project.
Rainer gubitz emphasized several times that various alternatives are currently "open to results" have been pruft. Also money games "for the first time no dominant role.

Junior Chamber of Commerce rewards social commitment

According to their own statements, the business juniors habberge in the wurzburg/schweinfurt chamber of industry and commerce (IHK) have been trying for a long time to bundle the young executives in the district with new activities. According to district spokesman steffen vogel (theres), however, it’s not just about economic issues and questions of how to assert oneself more successfully on the market, but the WJ also want to show social commitment in line with the motto "think economically – act socially" show. The junior economists are convinced that successful business and social commitment are not mutually exclusive. That is why the young entrepreneurs have started the project "sozial24" in which six members worked four hours a day in social occupations.

Michaela schobert was at the night ward of the habberg clinics from 4 to 8 a.M., thomas borst was at the nursing home, and sebastian sahlender was at the red cross and kept watch at the zeiler weinfest. Sebastian pollach was at the kindergarten in obertheres, lukas kagerbauer at the workshop for the handicapped in augsfeld, and steffen vogel spent four hours at the social station of the red cross in ebern.

For this project, the habberge business juniors have now been awarded second place in the category "best public relations work and member recruitment" by the bavarian business juniors have been awarded. During the award ceremony, christian reinschussel, regional spokesman for lower franconia, made it clear that the "sozial24" campaign had been the young entrepreneurship and the goals of the junior economists were presented positively to the public. "We young entrepreneurs do not see ourselves as egoists", who were only looking for their own economic success "but true to our guiding principle of the honorable businessman, we also see the social responsibility of entrepreneurship", said reinschussel.

New eu directive keeps kissinger chamber busy for years

A new EU directive has kept the finance committee of the city council busy for some time in its recent meeting. From 1. January 2017: a new sales tax law comes into force. "This means for the municipalities an extension of the sales tax obligation and a substantial administrative overhead", explained city chamberlain gerhard schneider.

The new regulation is essentially aimed at areas in which non-taxation of municipalities leads to distortions of competition compared to private competitors. Until now, municipalities were obliged to pay sales tax on commercial operations, such as swimming pools and leased restaurants in the case of bad kissingen, as well as on agricultural and forestry operations.

"The consequences for the municipalities can be considerable", said schneider. However, they are not yet to be estimated. In the opinion of both the bavarian municipal association and the municipal auditing association, a lengthy and extensive review is needed to determine which activities are subject to sales tax under the new legislation.

Government report: basic allowance must increase to 8352 euros

According to the federal government’s new report on the minimum subsistence level, the basic tax allowance must be raised by a total of 348 euros to 8352 euros a year in two stages by 2014. This meant that employees had more money, since the tax authorities only deduct taxes on income above the basic tax-free amount.

According to the draft, which is available to the german press agency, the basic allowance must be increased next year from the current 8004 euros to 8124 euros initially. In the following year a further increase would be possible. According to the report, there was no need for action on the children’s allowance in 2013, but minimal corrections could be made in 2014.

The government’s biennial report on the minimum subsistence level was due to be voted on by the various departments on monday, and the report was due to be published on july 7. November the black-yellow cabinet is to decide on it.