District hospital st. Anna doubles deficit

The fact that the district hospital st. Anna has once again made a loss is not really surprising. For years, the deficit has hovered around 500 million euros.000 euro mark. For a relatively small, municipal hospital whose goal is to provide basic health care, this is not unusual. In the last year, however, reveals the annual report presented tuesday to the hospital committee of the county council, has increased in st. Anna increases the deficit to 1.2 million euros. This corresponds to a doubling of the loss within one year.

Where other managers are in a state of anxiety, albert prickarz, head of administration at the hospital, remains comparatively relaxed. That may be because st. Anna is not dependent on a bank loan. The hospital is financed by the county. Relief from the district council is almost certain. But prickarz's peace of mind comes mainly from knowing the cause, which he believes was only temporary.

"The high deficit is due to the "surgery dent", says prickarz, referring to a sharp drop in surgical cases, which at the same time means a slump in revenue resulting from billing the health insurance companies. There had been about 140 surgeries too few, resulting in a hole of about 600.000 euros in the profit and loss account.

Extremely tense situation in sudan continues

Following the violent repression of protests in sudan, the african union (AU) has suspended the country from the organization.

Effective immediately, sudan’s participation will be suspended from all AU activities until a civilian-led transitional government is in place, the AU announced via twitter on thursday. This is the only way sudan can emerge from the current crisis.

The opposition, meanwhile, reiterated its call for protests and civil disobedience. The revolution was committed to peace, it was said. Security forces on monday violently broke up a sit-in in the sudanese capital of khartoum that had lasted for weeks and contributed significantly to the overthrow of president omar al-bashir.

u.s. secretary of state clinton in hospital

The 65-year-old is receiving blood thinning medication and must remain in the new york clinic for 48 hours, clinton’s spokesman philippe reines announced late sunday evening (local time) in washington.

Clinton had a dizzy spell a few weeks ago as a result of gastrointestinal illness and fell down. According to official reports, she had suffered a cerebral haemorrhage, which had only been diagnosed days later. The blood clot has now been diagnosed during a follow-up examination, explained reines. Also because of other not near designated consequences of the brain shuttering she is observed further by doctors. They will also decide whether further tests will be necessary.

Clinton has not appeared in public for weeks. She had to cancel a trip abroad and a congressional interview. The former first lady has already announced that she will not be available for a second term. Meanwhile, re-elected president barack obama has nominated democratic senator and former presidential candidate john kerry for the post. It must still be confirmed by the congress. According to her own statement, clinton wanted to continue working until then.

Bahr emports about data espionage

"I am pissed off about such criminal energy," said federal health minister daniel bahr (FDP) on wednesday in berlin. A lobbyist from the pharmacists’ circle allegedly worked with an accomplice, an external IT employee, to obtain early draft legislation and other sensitive data from bahr’s department in exchange for money. The pharmacists’ association speaks of single acts without any relation to their lobby organization ABDA.

"It is the suspicion of bribery and theft", said bahr. "Insofar it is not a trifle."It is good that the public prosecutor’s office is investigating. It is important to quickly clarify who is guilty and for what purpose. "This is an unding. If this is confirmed, it is also a very big mess."

He was particularly surprised that, in the case of legislation on medicines, texts were known to the public before he himself had seen them. After about two years, he received a concrete clue at the beginning of september and called in the public prosecutor’s office. On 11. September criminal charges had been filed against unknown persons. On 20. In november, the investigators struck: there had been searches at the ministry, at the external IT employee of a company active in the bahr department and at a second suspect. The IT specialist has meanwhile been banned from the premises.

gynecologist fathered 17 children - without the women's knowledge

A dutch gynecologist has inseminated patients with his own sperm without their knowledge and thus fathered at least 17 children.

The intended parents had not suspected anything and certainly had not given their consent, the isala hospital in zwolle announced. The doctor, who has since died, was a specialist in artificial insemination with donor sperm at a clinic in zwolle between 1981 and 1993. At that time, most donors were anonymous.

The isala hospital in zwolle, about 100 kilometers east of amsterdam, made the case public – also on behalf of the affected children and the doctor’s family. The behavior of the doctor is "morally unacceptable", the hospital declared. You can’t be a doctor and a donor at the same time – and certainly not without the patients’ consent.