Mara is looking forward to her first day at school

Mara proudly fetches her blue book bag from her room. Puts it on the floor, opens the lid and takes out one colored booklet after the other. Last is the portfolio – matching the book bag in the same bright blue with horses on it. "Mara has already picked out the book bag in the catalog. In the store, another one with einhorner was shortlisted", tells her mama steffi ruger. But in the end it became the favorite with the horses.

Six-year-old mara knows exactly what she wants. And she already knows days before her first day at school what she will like best in class. "Calculating, break and sport", she says as if shot from a pistol. Mara has already become a little familiar with the new surroundings. With the kindergarten we already went for a few hours to the lucas cranach elementary school. "There are stretching bars in the playground, that's what i liked best," she says with a grin in her face, the abc-protector is happy. She was also able to get a taste of teaching on this day. Everything is still quite unfamiliar for the six-year-old.

No fear of going to school

Nevertheless she is already looking forward to it. Mara is also not at all afraid of the way to school, which she will be going to fub. "It's just like my way to gymnastics, I only have to turn off once before", she says with a grin on her face. Nevertheless, her parents have walked the route with her many times beforehand. In the last few weeks, a list has been hanging on the entrance door of the elementary school showing which class the new students will be in – and, more importantly, which teacher they will be getting. "I'm coming to 1b. And my teacher is also new to the school. So that fits", says mara.

No weather is too bad for the children

She is a kind of "school pilot, because in this respect there is a problem in reichenbach. Young people are not available for this. "But it's not because the older students don't want to, they can't because of time constraints", she reports. "The older students take the bus to "munnerstadt" much earlier than the elementary school students.
She began her service eight years ago when, as a member of the parents' council of the burglauer elementary school, she took on the problem personally at the request of principal jurgen rohlinger. "Then I wanted to leave the service again, when I had nothing more to do with the elementary school", tragner continues "but there was no one from the circle of parents who wanted to take on this task regularly." And so she still stands at the crossroads to ensure the safety of the schoolchildren as far as she can.

Never an accident

"This is also a valuable aspect for us", jurgen wolf, junior manager of the munnerstadt bus company of the same name, praises the commitment of the "unsecured" bus driver bus stops female, where shoving matches between schoolchildren take place, which turn into scenes that are not without danger. The operation preserves. Since karin tragner has been in charge at the bus stop, there has never been an accident.

Knetzgau schoolchildren are said to have been rustet for professional life

A project designed to help schoolchildren successfully pass the recruitment tests of the large-scale industry has now been launched at the dreiberg school in knetzgau. During a press conference, principal antje schorn and eva-maria dummler, chairwoman of the schweinfurt-based association "youth with a future, the offer to the eighth-graders of the middle school before.

In ten units, each lasting three hours, the students are taught once a week what is important for the aptitude tests. Walter trapp, a retired technical teacher who used to teach at schweinfurt’s vocational schools and served for more than 25 years on the examination committee of the sab chamber of handicrafts, had a lot of contact during his time of service with students who were unable to find an apprenticeship position. Trapp wanted to help here and has now been doing so successfully for ten years in close cooperation with the association "youth with a future. In knetzgau, he is currently training eight students and one girl who can imagine working in a technical profession in industry at a later date.

One of them is marlon lutz from westheim. The 14-year-old already has a concrete career wish. He wanted to become an automotive mechatronics technician, preferably in a large-scale operation. That’s why he volunteered, as did all the other fellow students, to benefit from walter trapp’s experience. "Today we prepared for a test consisting of technical drawing and number lines, which i found relatively easy.", marlon lutz said on the day of the press visit to the school. The other students also reported enthusiastically that the project was very enjoyable for them and that they considered it to be very useful for their professional future.

Silvio scintu joins the cloverleaf team

It’s not only young players from mainfranken who make it into the junior teams of spvgg greuther furth. With silvio scintu, a wurzburg coach will join the performance center of the new bundesliga team next season. The 41-year-old A-license holder will in future be co-coaching furth’s U14 talents, who are currently still in with a chance of promotion to the bavarian league. "I was surprised when i got a call from furth a few months ago asking me if i was interested," says scintu: "i didn’t expect this after having only trained in a small club so far."

Scintu took over the U15 juniors of SSV kitzingen as rookies in the bavarian league a year ago in his first stint as a coach. Against competitors such as jahn regensburg, the second team of the 1. FC nurnberg and FC schweinfurt 05 were unable to avoid immediate relegation despite often close results. "Probably the recognizable development of the kitzingen team has contributed to the fact that i received the offer from greuther furth," scintu states: "when a professional club inquires, you simply have to respond to it."At the "kleeblatt" sports center, around 260 players aged between 6 and 23 are currently being trained in 16 teams. More than 50 full-time and part-time employees and volunteers take care of the successful further youngsters there.

As a player, silvio scintu once made it into the district league with SSV kitzingen after passing through the youth department of wurzburger FV and later playing mainly in the second team of the team from zellerau. In addition to his club activities, the public service employee is a member of the coaching team of a wurzburg soccer school. "I’m going to stay in wurzburg for the time being, especially since i don’t yet know how rough the terrain will be for me in furth," says the german-italian.

How the burgerspital in kronach could be used in the future

For many decades the burgerspital in kronach was a home for senior citizens. Today, large parts of the building are empty. A new use must be found. The work with senior citizens is always in the focus of attention. A different approach was recently discussed in the city council – youth work. Opinions are divided on where the hospital should go from here.

"I thought that now finally nails with heads are made and with the renovation for senior-fair accommodations is begun", the chairwoman of the city's seniors' advisory council, hanni wachter, explains in a letter to the council members. The hospital has always been a place for the elderly. Wachter points out that there is a corresponding clause in the hospital foundation's articles of incorporation that defines its objectives. That is why she is surprised about the concept for youth work that is now on the table, which, among other things, provides space for the district administration office in the hospital.

Kronacher burgerspital: seniors should care for life
"there are empty houses and halls in kronach, and even empty school buildings have a dreadful existence", she continues. From your point of view, these were better alternatives for such a project. That is why it is clearly opposed to a project for the hospital that serves the purpose of relocating the office. An idea for the older generation, such as "living in the home" on the part of caritas, she found more purposeful.

Political fatigue is a thing of the past

A total of 80 students from 15 schools came to this year's district youth conference at the catholic community center in bubenreuth on tuesday. Dealing with "fake news was on the agenda – and interest was correspondingly high, according to a press release from the district administration office. "Young people have clearly refuted the stereotype that young people are not interested in politics. There were many critical questions and lively discussions", reports helge hoppner from the municipal youth work of the district.

Discussion about islam

The schools use the conference not only to exchange ideas among themselves and, above all, across all school types. The participants were particularly interested in the Q&A session with district administrator alexander tritthart (CSU). Among the issues discussed were whether islam belongs to germany and whether cannabis could be legalized.
In four groups, the young people then devoted themselves to the topic of "fake news" and his different aspects. Expert knowledge provided by media scientist ernst schulten from the university of aschaffenburg. He showed very clearly how quickly "fake news" can spread, for example, the false report of a "scuffle at the district youth conference", create and publish on the internet.
"The event was very successful, sums up the organization team of the youth welfare office. District administrator tritthart was also very impressed by his young audience: "i am pleased that the young people in the district are very open to discussion and dare to express their opinions. That's what democracy lives on". The next district youth conference will take place in spring 2020.

Dryness in the rhon: the small sinn is partially dry

None of the residents in kothen have experienced this before, nor have they heard of it. But after this summer, the small sinn has also been hit: it is dry, at least partially. From the border of the troop station you can walk on about 500 meters of dry fubes in the creek bed. Beyond the border fence, too, a dry creek bed as far as the eye can see. Christoph spiekermann from the federal forest is responsible for the area from schmelzhof to the border and estimates that there is no more water in the small sinn in his area for about 200 meters. The wells are probably still damming up, at least his colleague manfred oldemann has still seen water at the headwaters of the creek.

Water is still flowing out of the last of the two beaver dams. The beaver burrows are blamed in parts of the population for taking away the water. "I can’t imagine that", according to spiekermann. Although beavers hold water for a short time "for their own use" back, but then the water flows on again. Due to the long drought, however, there is naturally "less inflow" from the springs on the dammersfeld, according to the forest ranger.

Dagmar mubhoff from the water management office in bad kissingen confirmed that the condition of the water in lower franconia is monitored and documented, but not every small water body can be examined. The office has no data on the small sinn in the kothen area. However, the measuring station in bad bruckenau measures and transmits the level of the coarse sinn, into which the small sinn flows, on a daily basis. For two months, the discharge situation there has been rated "very low" called, only on 23. September the water quantity of the sinn was in the green area. Certain streams are known to dry up regularly. "In extreme weather conditions, further sections fall dry", says mubhoff.

His 80. Birthday celebrates today karl stretz from oberhaid. The jubilarian is the bearer of the golden ring of honor of the municipality of oberhaid, which was awarded to him in 2005 for his services to local politics. Stretz was a member of the municipal council from 1978 to 2004. During this time, he was involved in numerous projects, such as the construction of the rough school gymnasium, the clear plant, the canal and the kindergarten. Karl stretz also represented the municipality of oberhaid on a supra-regional level, namely in the zweckverband kommunale selbsthilfe (association for municipal self-help). The jubilarian was and is also involved at club level. He has been a member of the local SPD association since 1958, and served as its chairman from 1986 to 1990. Member at the 1. FC oberhaid has been here since he was 18. Year of his life. He played a major role in the construction of the sports center and was honored for his outstanding services to the club at this year’s club anniversary.

The trained water installer was employed by the municipality as a school janitor and water janitor from 1973 until his retirement. With his knowledge, he is still available today as a contact person when it comes to old water pipes.

His wife and five children with their families will be celebrating with him, and mayor carsten joneitis (SPD) will also be among the congratulators.