Diugitra.com will leverage Nasdaq’s cloud-based technology to attract liquidity and scale transaction volumes in order to correspond with the market conditions.

As per the press release on Tuesday, August 30, Brazil-based crypto exchange Digitra.com launched a new crypto exchange for retail and institutional investors. This crypto exchange shall be powered by using Nasdaq’s cloud-based trading service.

Speaking of the development, Digitra.com’s founder and CEO Rodrigo Batista said:

“Nasdaq brings extensive experience and expertise in capital markets technology to Digitra.com and our industry. Our technology collaboration gives us a robust foundation to grow and build new features for our clients”.

Digitra.com Leveraging Nasdaq’s Cloud Platform for Crypto Trading

The Marketplace Services Platform by Nasdaq is a cloud-based platform supporting crypto markets and exchanges. It allows exchanges to attract liquidity and scale transaction volumes in order to correspond with the market conditions. Besides, the technology also allows exchanges to build new features for their customers.

One such new feature from Digitra.com is its new fee and commission structure called Trade to Earn. This Trade to Earn feature will eliminate transaction fees and in return will reward customers with its native digitra tokens (DGTA) for every trade executed.

Batista said: “By offering additional services on top of cryptocurrency spot trading, we will create new revenue streams that replace the traditional transaction fees”.

By using Nasdaq’s cloud technology, Digitra is planning to offer 50 additional assets and coins by the year-end. This will be in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and USD coin (USDC) it already supports.

The Nasdaq Marketplace Services Platform isn’t their first foray into digital assets. Back in 2015, Nasdaq unveiled its blockchain-based platform Nasdaq Linq by partnering with several clients.

Roland Chai, executive vice president and head of market platforms at Nasdaq, added: “Our infrastructure technology will enable Digitra.com to resiliently scale their platform and meet sophisticated performance requirements from their customers.”

‘Trade to Earn’ Commission and Fee Structure

Digitra.com is the first global crypto exchange to set all fees to zero. Thus, clients don’t have to pay any fees or spread to use the platform. Also, the native digitra tokens (DGTA) incentivize clients to bring liquidity to the exchange and every client will be treated as a market maker.

Furthermore, new businesses in crypto can take advantage of very low fees by leveraging Digitra.com’s infrastructure. Digitra.com offers a seamless signup process. It allows investors from across the world to participate.

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