Notices of Kyle Roche withdrawing from multiple class action lawsuits appeared in the dockets amid the heat of the allegations.

Attorney Kyle Roche of Roche Freedman, who recently came under fire for conspiring with Ava Labs CEO, has withdrawn from many class action lawsuits against digital-assets-related businesses. Roche is a founding partner at the law firm and is associated with filing high-profile class action lawsuits against different crypto companies and projects. News of the lawyer’s withdrawal went around shortly after Crypto Leaks published a series of videos that showed Kyle agreeing to provide legal services for the company in exchange for the token supply.

However, the attorney had responded to the allegations, stating that the allegations are unsourced false statements. He referred to the fact that Crypto Leaks is an anonymous website. According to Kyle, he was having a discussion with Christen Ager-Hanssen, who requested a private meeting. He added that he has found out that Ager-Hanssen demanded the private discussion in the guise of venture capital investment in a tech startup, and he works for the creator of ICP toke, Dominic Williams.

Kyle Roche Pulls Out from Class Action Lawsuits against Tether

Notices of Kyle Roche withdrawing from multiple class action lawsuits appeared in the dockets amid the heat of the allegations. Per the court records, Roche has filed to withdraw as counsel in crypto class action lawsuits against Tether, Bitfinex, HDR Global (BitMEX), and the Tron Foundation. The cases were brought against the crypto-related firms on allegations of defrauding retail customers. According to the Wednesday motion, Kyle is withdrawing as one of the lawyers for the Proposed Class. The motion added that he would no longer participate in the firm’s class action practice. However, he has not filed the motion to pull out from other class actions. The other lawsuits include filings against BAM Trading, Dfinity, Solana Labs, Nexo, and the Celsius Network bankruptcy.

Meanwhile, Ava Labs founder and CEO Emin Gun Sirer has denied the conspiracy allegations, claiming they are false claims. The CEO stated that the company would never involve in such behavior and denied any personal relationship with Kyle. In his words, the accusations are “conspiracy theory nonsense.”

“How could anyone believe something so ridiculous as the conspiracy theory nonsense on Cryptoleaks? We would never engage in the unlawful, unethical, and just plain wrong behavior claimed in these self-serving videos and inflammatory article.”

However, a tweet of Sirer praising Roche Freedman for a file against Tether and Bitfinex has surfaced online. The Ava Labs CEO referred to the law firm as top-notch, crypt savvy, and has an impressive track record. He mentioned that Roche Freedman’s decision is a “monumental lawsuit against Tether-based manipulation of cryptocurrency prices.”

Following the CEO’s denials to Crypto Leak’s claims, AVAX pumped 12% from a low of $17.56 to $19.68.

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